Plastic Injection Molding is an elegant and simple manufacturing process that can quickly produce intricate shapes for custom parts and products. Generally, Injection molding is the process of choice for companies looking to produce repeatable parts with strict mechanical requirements. It is a popular manufacturing option for high-production runs, not only because of the consistent quality of the manufactured plastic parts, but also because the price-per-part decreases with higher quantity manufacturing runs.

our advantages of injection molding service

FITMOLD’s technical capability in precision plastic injection moulding, can, from one single process, and in one shot, create a product or part that is repeatable, accurate, cost effective, has a desired function, and correct surface finish.

Repeatability – the same shape can be produced in the millions

Accuracy – the manufactured product or part is not only repeatable, but can also be produced to a tight tolerance consistently

Functionality – it is possible to design a number of features into the injection moulded part including complex shapes that cannot be practically achieved by other materials or processes

Surface finish – with different injection mould processes coupled with specific tooling, a wide spectrum of surface finishes can be achieved, from high gloss to textured surfaces to simulated natural fibres

Cost and weight efficiency – When producing volume parts, the main cost is the tooling. Once invested, the actual production parts can be a fraction of the cost to produce versus other options. The weight of the part itself compared to traditional metal parts can also offer cost savings from functionality to lower logistic costs.

  1. Rich experience on servicing different industries. Our professional injection molding technical team to develop a unique injection molding plan for your product. For different plastic materials, FITMOLD will adjust reasonable injection temperature, time, and ejection manner according to different plastic material parts and different structure parts. It doesn’t matter if your product is a solid structural part or a nice-looking part. We can meet your requirements and inject plastic products that are satisfactory to you.


  1. Short delivery time. We know that time is wealth. Our company has a mature management system that can complete a series of processes such as procurement, injection molding machine debugging, moulding, quality inspection, packaging, and delivery in a short time. Maximize the production time for customers and bring your products to the market more efficiently.


  1. Convenient post-processing process.For some customers who need further post-processing after product injection, our company has complete supporting services, providing a series of post-processing services such as silk screen printing, oil spraying, electroplating, hot stamping, assembly, and customized packaging. Provide customers with one-stop solutions. Saving your cost on time, logistic and material loss.