Precision Injection

Precision injection molding refers to the high repeatability of the molded injection molded products, so that it is difficult to achieve the required injection molding method using a general injection molding machine and a conventional injection molding process.

The concept of “precision injection molding” is mainly distinguished from “conventional injection molding”. It is based on the rapid development of polymer materials and the use of precision plastic parts to replace high-precision metal parts in the field of instrumentation and electronics.

In the plastics industry, precision plastic products are commonly found in digital camera parts, optoelectronic products, connectors, lenses, light guides, movement gears, optical discs and mobile phone accessories.

The precision of precision plastic parts includes dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface precision, corresponding to dimensional tolerances, shape tolerances and surface roughness, respectively, where dimensional accuracy is an important manufacturing and use quality indicator for plastic parts.

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