Silicone Rubber Mold Prototype

Silicone Rubber Mold Prototype

Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd is fast at making prototype parts in actual rubber or silicone, in as few as 4 days. We save you time and money.
Actual production parts out of a steel mold, with precision tolerances! You can make thousands of parts without buying more tooling, and steel holds tight tolerances from the beginning to the end of your project.


Features of silicone mold prototypes:

There are various kinds of materials can be used for silicone mold: ABS-LIKE, PP-LIKE, PC-LIKE, PMMA-LIKE, etc, different materials with different specifications;

And apart from the variety of materials,customers can choose the transparency, hardness according to their specified demand. Whats more, colors can be added into materials when producing silicone mold products;

The mold life is not so long,one pair of silicone mold can cast 8-20pcs products at most, suits best for low volume production.

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