Customizing Car Dashboard Covers With Injection Mold

Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting
Silicone mold vacuum casting process:

1.Silicone mold building. With the finished prototype, casting master to build the silicone mold;
2.Mold curing. To cure the mold in oven under 40 centigrade degree for about 12 hours;
3.Mold splitting. Take the mold out, prune it and split the mold along the parting line, take the prototype out of the mold;
4.Mold preheating. Put the mold into the oven and preheat it under 70 centigrade degree;
5.Vacuum casting. After preheating, put the mold into vacuum casting machine, pour the resin into the mold through the sprue after 5-10min vacuuming;
6.Solidifying Forming. In the end, to put the has been cast into the oven to solidify the resin under 70 centigrade degree.


The curing time differs with materials, normally between 40-90min, after solidified, take the mold out and get the cast part out, to clear the Fragment and the gate, so the plastic silicone mold prototype is finished.

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