Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining

Rapid Prototyping – CNC Machining
1.Prototype making: CNC machined bone drill prototypes
2.Prototype checking and handling. Inspect the prototype size and structures, craftsman handle it, to remove any marks or deburrs ensuring the surface very good;

Industrial Design & Drawing service 1 Research & Develop new prototype
2. Three dimensional laser scanning product model surface, 3D contour data points are obtained
3. Introduce the outline grid of the product into the 3D software. The product outline is only a reference for the 3D drawing. The appearance, structure and assembly of the product, physical analysis, security, etc.
4. Finally generation NC program, for the product mold manufacturing, CNC machining data.
CNC Machining prototype service 1. The advantages of large size, high strength, good toughness and low cost have become the mainstream of handboard production.
2. The tolerance is ± 0.05mm
3. Suitable for processing all kinds of materials

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