Rapid Prototype For Boat Model

Rapid Prototype for Boat Model

Materials: aluminum, copper, steel, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, PA,acrylic and nylon

Surface: smooth

Method: CNC

Design software: CAD, SolidWorks, CAM and Pro/E

Can provide customer’s tangibly 3D models from design

According to prototype, can validate precision, rationality,aesthetics and correctness of structural design

Can be useful for checkup and exhibitions

Can be sample mold to save time and to make mold accurately and fleetly

Uses 2D and 3D software to make parts such as SolidWorks, Pro/E(IGS, X-T, STEP, STP and STL), CAD, JPG and PDF files

Methods: CNC machining and turning

IGS, STP or Pro/E formats

Confirms customer’s 3D drawing and edit programs

Processing them to process drawing with CNC machines and lathe

Packing: carton case

Customized packing ways are accepted

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