PP Pump Rotors

Plastic Pumps
This pump rotor is made of GFR PP, which is a good use for magnetic drive pumps, which are designed to improve people and plant safety. Especially when toxic, explosive or other dangerous liquids which react on contact with the atmosphere. It offer therefore exceptional benefits to the chemical, petrochemical and allied industries.
Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd is specialized in providing plastic injection solution for plastic pump parts, serving pump industry, and making plastic pump parts for booster pumps, circulation pumps, magnetic drive pumps,centrifugal pumps and so on.
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Why choose us?:
1. More than 10-years experience.
2. ISO9001:2008 certificated.
3. Competitive price with high quality.
4. More than 50 machines support to run the business.
5. Custom R&D program coordination.
6. Expert technicians.
8. Diligent and loyal workforce.
9. Up-to-date software.
10. International standards, HASCO, DME, MISUMI, etc
11. Well-rounded after service.


What’s our Injection Mould experiences?
1. Multiple cavities Injection Mould
2. Insert Injection Mould
3. Multiple slider action Injection Mould
4. Sandwich Injection Mould
5. Hot runner system
6. Injection Mould with international standard, like HASCO, etc.
7. Other custom Injection Mould

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