Injection Mould For Printer Parts

MODEL:Printer Accessories Plastic Injection Mold
Tolerances Optional:a) Fractions  ±1/16      b) Decimals  X.XX ±0.01c) Angles X.X ±0.1
Material Optional:a) mold base:  S50C steel or P20
b) Mold Cavity steel: 738,718H,8407,NAK80,S136,etc.
c) Mold Core steel: P20,H13,718,2738,NAK80,S136,etc.
d) Mold components: LKM,DME or HASCO standard.
Surface finishing:a) Texture or Matt finishb) Gloss & Mirror finishing
Runner system:a) Cold runner systemb) Hot runner system
Mould lifespan:a) Soft mold is less 300,000 shotsb) Hard mold is around 500,000-1,000,000 shots
Package :a) PE film [transparent EPE bag]
b) Export standard wooden box
c) certificates of the steel and hot runner certificate
Additional: Manual of the tools and some spare components if needed
MOQ:1 set, it depends on your need.
Payment Terms:a)  T/Tb) L/Cc) Paypaletc
Warranty:a) one year against manufacturing defect
b) offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred
Lead Time From 15 days to 40 days. It depends on the size and the structure of the mold.


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