Helix Spring With CNC Machining

Helix spring with CNC Machining
Our advantages:

1. Professional helix spring manufacturer. Nearly 10 years experience
2. We specialized in medical helix spring, mainly used for Implanted Devices, Surgical Tools & Endoscopy Equipment, Operating Room Equipment, Laboratory and Patient Treatment Devices,Specialty Research Equipment etc.
3. Material: Corrosion resistant stainless steel like carpenter custom 455. H900. AMS 5617 .ASME SA564 etc.
4. Small lot order with short delivery time from China.
5. Good at making spring starting from 1 piece.
6. Manufacture Process: CNC Machine- Trapping – Dimension inspection -Heat Treatment-Grinding -Laser Cutting.


Material:Stainless Steel
Min. Order:1000 Piece
Lead Time:8-10days
Supply Ability:3000000 Pieces/week
Packing:inner packing: as per customer’s requirement (PE bag and blister)
outer packing:carton or box due to customer’s requirement
Style:Coil, Disk, Dish, Leaf, Wire, Waved
Endurance Limit:100000 times
Usage:Machine Parts/ Lighting Accessories/ Hardware/ Medical Spring Tubes


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