Co-Injection Molding

Co-injection molding
In co-injection molding, while the hard substrate and the elastomer is injected into the same mold, compatibility between materials is essential, it must be carefully controlled.
Co-Injection is very expensive and difficult to control; it is used least comparing with other 2 method. However, because the hard and soft substrates elastomers in a fully molten state, it provides the best bonding between soft and hard parts, the molded parts quality is also the best.

Base information

Company Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd
Main product plastic mould, tooling, prototype, injection molding product, such as parts from Auto, Medical, Aerospace, Houseware, Electronics, etc.
Business type manufacturer
Quality system ISO 9001: 2008
Export country US/ Italy/ Germany/ France/India and so on
Mould description  
Category Injection mould
Mould life 1, 000, 000~3, 000, 000 shot
T1 time 20~30days
Mould material 45#, 50#, P20,  H13, SKD61, etc
Cavity Single, multiple
Runner hot, cold
Product material PP, PC, ABS, PE,  etc


Q1: How many injection plastic mouldings machines do you have?
A1: We have 20 sets of plastic Injection Mouldings machines.
Q2: what is the minimum & maximum unit weight and size your machines can produce?
A2: Our machines produce the unit parts from 1 gram to 6000 grams weight.
Our machines can produce the maximum size of unit plastic part: 1.5*1.5*1.5 meters.

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