Casting Mining Lamp Shel

Casting Mining Lamp Shell
The cover for Miner’s Lamp, aluminum, die casting, electrophoretic painting
Aluminum Housing for Miner’s Lamp with heat sink
1. Unique design for heatsinking
2. Process of die casting and cnc machining gets a pefect shape
3. Special surface finish as electrophoretic painting makes the whole part with good looking
What we do is to help our client to manufacture that he thought.
We specialize in aluminum and zinc alloy die-cast products


Key specifications/special features:
OEM/ODM die, molds, molding, molds, tooling made according to customers’ prints, drawings, specifications and/or samples
OEM/ODM parts range: auto parts, industrial metal parts, machine fitting and hardware parts
Available materials: aluminum/zinc alloy, iron, steel alloy, plastic, brass, steel, stainless steel and plastic


Manufacturing process:
Sand casting (iron or brass)
Forging/stamping (aluminum, brass and steel)
Die casting/vacuum casting (aluminum or zinc alloy)
Investment casting (stainless steel or brass)
Injection/extruding (plastic)
Available production processes: CAD/CAM service, expert plastic injection, metal processing, finish, heat treatment, surface plating,
QC testing and packing
Available finishes: fine polished, chrome, zinc plating, powder coating and painting
Micrographic and metallurgical analysis
Advanced inspection equipment for rigorous quality and control and precise specification
Comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services for die, molds, molding, mold, tooling: R&;D process, product design, test and Measuring including shear
In order to control raw material and products quality inline, we have advanced testing instruments, such as spectral analysis scan, CMM measuring machine, X-ray generator, metallurgical microscope, temperature humidity control box, thickness detector instrument of coating, marking gauge and more
Industry: the main products are high-quality automotive, hand-tool, furniture, electrical and industrial components/accessories
Applications: automotive parts, sewing machine, agricultural machinery parts, office equipment parts, household electrical appliances, toy motors, tool parts and lock parts
Products shown on the website are OEM/ODM produced for reference use only

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