Casting Hubs For Motorcycle

Casting Hubs for Motorcycle
Casting Hubs for motor

Pictures of products are used to show our capabilities. With the exception of certain models of sow molds and dross pans designed by ourselves, products shown in the pictures are supplied to customers under “contract manufacturing” per the drawings and specifications from them. We do not sell any of these products to any third party.

Aluminum alloy A380 ADC12 A356 and more.
Mechanical performance: heat treatment temperature according to ASTM A743.

Our products & services:
* Mold process green sand mold, resin bonded sand mold, lost foam, investment
* Casting metallurgy
Steel: carbon, alloy & stainless
Iron: gray & ductile non-ferrous metal
* Forging process open die and close die
* Forging metallurgy carbon and low alloy steels
* Heat treatment anneal, normalize, quench & temper, case hardening
* Secondary operations: pre-machining, final machining, painting, plating
* NDT inspection ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant
* Dimensional inspection, visual inspection and other special inspections required to insure proper assembly.

Our commitment to customers is value in terms of product integrity, delivery, service and price. We are able to fulfill this commitment because our management, our employees and our suppliers share the common goal of value to the customers. We believe that meeting our commitment generates wealth for both our customers and for our company.


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