What Is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting is a process that uses a ventilated mold. The molten metal flows into the mold by air pressure and then removes the air to form a vacuum. This casting method is mainly used for small parts or jewelry with intricate details.

It is a physical modeling method. The vacuum technology is combined with the sand mold casting. The mold surface and the back surface of the sand mold are sealed by a plastic film, and a vacuum pump is used to generate a negative pressure, thereby causing a difference between the internal and external pressure of the sand mold. The mold sand is fast-formed, and after sanding, clamping, and casting, after waiting for the casting to solidify, the negative pressure is released or the pumping is stopped, and the mold sand is broken to obtain a casting. According to the fields currently applied, it can be mainly divided into vacuum sealing modeling (V method) and real vacuum casting (FV method). Its advantages are:

(1) Moderate vacuum, high cavity tightness and high casting quality.

(2) Vacuum casting and computer simulation analysis of the mold can predict the generation of casting defects, which can save time and improve production efficiency for the design of the mold design.

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