What Is The Use Of A Blood Coagulation Analyzer?

Blood Coagulation Analyzer is a medical clinic to measure the contents of various components of human blood, quantitative biochemical analysis results, for the clinical diagnosis of various diseases to provide reliable digital basis, is a clinical necessary routine testing equipment.

Patients in hospital before the operation, the doctor will require patients to take blood for coagulation four Tests, coagulation four belong to the inspection department, one of the temporary inspection of the project, the purpose is to understand the patient’s hemostatic function before the defect, to prepare beforehand to prevent intraoperative bleeding and unprepared.

Since its development, the blood coagulation analyzer has been used for more than more than 100 years, which provides a valuable indicator for the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic diseases, the monitoring of thrombolysis and anticoagulant therapy and the observation of curative effect.

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