What Is The Difference Between The Double Color Injection Mould And The Plastic Mould

Double-color injection mold is in the Two-color injection molding machine through two injection molding, the formation of two colors of the product mold, and the package of plastic mold is to cable products such as the bread on a layer of plastic protective coating of the mold, package plastic mold is used in the packaging machine.

Double-color injection mold products are presented as a mold, and the package is a continuous operation of plastic mold, is a two times injection molding, the product generally includes the main part and the outsourcing part, in the mold manufacture, first makes the hard glue main body, the main body hard glue mold design According to the normal design procedure, the outsourcing mold design must take the hard rubber product as the reference, does not have to put on the shrinkage, After the mold part, same as the hard glue main body, the front mold is different is has the packing gum shape, in the production Mr. produces the hard glue main body, then puts the hard glue main body into the outsourcing mold, enters the outsourcing soft plastic injection molding production.

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