What Is A Mold?

The mold is a product tool formed by using its specific shape and size. The raw materials used are different for the different products, and the molding methods are also different. The mold is divided into a die-casting mold, a glass mold, a metal stamping mold, a plastic mold, and the like. Injection molding products account for 20-30% of the entire plastic products, and more than 80% of engineering plastics are injection molded.

Plastic products are widely used in daily life, including industry, agriculture, and in addition to simple molds, the cost of molding is generally very expensive. This is especially true for large plastic molds. The production of these molds must be designed with corresponding plastic molds.

The design of the plastic mold includes the shape of the mold cavity, the roughness of the surface, the parting surface, the accuracy of the profile size of the product, its physical properties, the size of the interior, the selection of the near pouring and the exhaust position, etc. important influence. In the process of processing, the difficulty of operation, the quality of mold design products, including the cost of plastic parts, also have a great impact. Therefore, the optimization design of plastic molds is a major issue in the field of contemporary polymer material processing.

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