Water-Assisted Injection Molding Technology

Water-assisted injection molding is a new technology developed by IKV based on gas-assisted injection molding technology. Water is used instead of nitrogen to assist the flow of the body. Finally, compressed air is used to press water out of the workpiece.

Water-assisted injection molding can significantly reduce molding time and reduce product wall thickness compared to gas-assisted injection molding. It can be applied to any thermoplastic, including those with lower molecular weight and easy to be blown through, and can produce large diameter (40mm or more) rod-shaped or tubular hollow parts. For example, for a 10 mm diameter part, the production cycle can be reduced from 60 s to 10 s (wall thickness l-1.5 mm); for a 30 mm diameter part, the production cycle can be reduced from 180 s to 40 s (wall thickness 2.5 to 30 mm).

Water-assisted injection molding is mainly used to produce media ducts with smooth inner surface and importance; its quality and economic benefits are beyond the reach of gas-assisted injection technology.


1) It is possible to form complex plastic parts with thin and thick walls. The problem of hollow reinforcing ribs can be formed.

2) It can solve the problem of shrinkage marks on the surface of thick-walled parts.

3) Large parts can be formed with a small molding machine.

4) Compared with structural foam molding, since gas is used to form a space in the middle of the melt, it can not only ensure the structural foam is light in weight but also can form a good quality appearance.

5) Short molding cycle and saving raw materials.

6) It can complete the molding of three hollow products which cannot be completed by hollow molding and injection molding.

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