Vertical Injection Molding Applications

The vertical injection molding machine has a wide range of applications in the line body, such as the connection line, all kinds of electronic, computer data lines and power plug wire injection molding. The stand of the vertical machine can be more stable. Products to improve the stability of the molding.

Vertical single slide type injection molding machine, double slide type injection molding machine series: This machine is mainly for engineering plastics, the products have strict precision requirements, precision or small inserts are injection molded together, and it is also the optimum molding of insert molding. One of the programs. Because the machine has the upper mold fixed, the lower mold slides out.

The double slide type has an upper mold double lower mold, and the two molds alternate work, which is suitable for embedding or removing precision hardware. Some two-color molds can also be molded by double-slip injection. Generally, molded products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile phone connectors, integrated circuit components, etc., but the double skateboard requires two working bits, which increases labor costs.

Vertical disc injection molding machine, rotary series: vertical disc type injection molding machine rotary series can be described as the optimization of precision parts embedded injection molding and two-color mode, because the machine can design an upper mold or two lower molds or multiple Compared with the advantages of complex embedding and manual saving, the disc machine can improve the efficiency of the machine through the structure of multi-station, so that the effective output of the machine can be maximized.

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