Various Rapid Prototyping Techniques

According to modern molding theory, the way objects are shaped can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Removal molding: A method in which a part of materials is separated from the substrate in an orderly manner by a separation method. Traditional car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, electric sparking and laser cutting are all removal molding, and removal molding is currently the most important molding method.

(2) Forced molding: The formability of the material is formed under specific external constraints. Traditional forging, casting powder metallurgy, etc. are all forced to form. Forced forming is mostly used for blank manufacturing, but it is also used directly for final part forming.

(3) Addition molding: Also known as stack molding, it is a method of depositing and forming by sequentially adding materials by means of mechanical, physical, chemical, or the like.

(4) Forming and forming: The method of forming by using the activity of the material, the biological individual development in the natural world belongs to growth molding. With the development of active materials, bionics, biochemistry, and life sciences, growth and shaping will be greatly developed.

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