Types Of Precision Forging Forming Technology

Precision forging forming technology, its advantages are obvious, low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, high precision. This type of forming process is divided into many forms.

1. According to the forming speed: high-speed precision forging, general precision forging, slow precision forging, etc.;

2. Divided into metal flow conditions in the forging process: semi-closed, closed, open precision forging forming process;

3. According to the forming temperature: superplastic, room temperature, medium temperature, high temperature precision forging, etc.;

4. According to the forming technology, it is divided into: split forging, isothermal forging, double acting forging, composite forming, warm precision forging, hot forging forming and cold precision forging.

In daily production, the classification of precision forging technology is generally dominated by forming technology, which has become a habitual classification method in production.

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