Two-Station Mold

In order to demold the part independently of the production process, a stripping station was integrated into the two-component molding. The mold is then rotated clockwise in steps of 120°. There is an opening on the side of the third station from which the gripper gripper can reach the closed mold, demold the part and its gate, and place it on the conveyor for further processing. ARBURG’s patented forming technology enables the simultaneous manufacture and removal of molded parts, which significantly reduces cycle times and increases productivity.

In the first process step, three or more (up to five) components are simultaneously injection molded to produce prefabricated parts. Then, the entire half-face mold is rotated 180° and moved to the second position. At this time, the preform is injection molded using other materials to produce the final part.

Alternatively, in a correspondingly configured mold, the part can be combined with up to five surface elements composed of other materials/colors in one production step. Thus, the insert in the mold can be rotated between the three stations by the rotating template and the electrically driven rotating device. Station 1 injects all cavities through hot runners and needle nozzles. Station 2 performs up to five injection molding processes on a specified number of cavities. The third station can then be used to demold parts from the closed mold. Part demoulding during the production process greatly shortens the overall cycle time, further increasing the productivity of multi-component injection molding.

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