Two-Color Mold Structure

The traditional two-color injection mold has two forms: “punch shift” and “punch rotation”.

First, the “male shift” mold has two female molds and one male mold. When the first cartridge is shot, the punch is closed with the first die to complete the injection of the first plastic. After the first plastic is solidified, the concave and convex molds are separated, and the semi-finished product formed of the first plastic stays in the punch and moves with the punch to a position aligned with the second die. After the injection molding machine is closed, the second barrel is injected with the second plastic. After the second plastic solidifies, the injection molding machine opens the mold and takes out the complete product.

Second, the two-color mold in the form of “punch rotation” has two female molds and a convex mold composed of two back-to-back combinations, which is rotatable. The two injection molding machines are equipped with two barrels, and the second barrel is preferably designed in the vertical direction of the movement direction of the injection molding machine. Two different plastics can be injected simultaneously. When the two plastics injected are solidified, the injection molding machine opens and automatically ejects the complete product. After the article is removed, the “rotatable punch” is rotated through 180 degrees. The injection molding machine is closed for the next cycle.

Since the first and second barrels of the “Punch Translation” mode are injected in turn, the first and second barrels of the “Pin Rotation” mode are simultaneously injected. Therefore, the same product, produced in the “Punch Rotation” mode, is twice as efficient as the “Punch Translation” mode.

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