Two-Color Injection Molding Combined With LSR Application

Multi-color injection molding technology has been developed for many years, and its molding branch has become more and more perfect. It can be applied to various fields well, and its production efficiency is extremely high. It can be satisfactorily met by different practical requirements, so it is widely used in the automotive industry. , electronics, medical and other fields, and bring good economic benefits, is a technology with great development potential.

Since the liquid silicone rubber LSR is suitable for high-demand applications, it has excellent electrical insulation, excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and light resistance, and is harmless to the human body. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in various fields such as medical and electronic. At present, in the field of two-color injection molding, LSR and plastic are also widely used for two-color processing to meet various needs.

Liquid silicone has a very wide hardness range, which can replace thermoplastic elastomers such as TPU and TPE, and can produce a very good tactile texture. At the same time, liquid silicon also meets the requirements of many extreme environments. Therefore, in recent years, liquid silicon materials have become an emerging popular choice in various industries, and gradually entered everyone’s daily life.

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