Two-Color Injection Mold Features

The moving mold of the mold is the same. The injection molding process is rotating and needs to be exchanged, so the moving mold must be exactly the same. If there are special cases, the cavity can be different when molding.

After the injection molding of the first shot of the mold is completed, it cannot be left on the mold, preferably a hot runner. Otherwise, it can also be grabbed by a robot. The worst is the latent gate, which can be automatically detached. Otherwise, the gate will remain on the mold and the second shot will not be coherently produced.

The product is shot twice. After the product is opened, the first shot must be left on the movable mold side. In general, it is generally preferred to leave both products on the movable side.

Therefore, the mold needs to open the mold, pull rod, etc. to achieve the sequential mold opening, first pull the mold side, and add the ejector mechanism on the fixed mold side.

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