Thermal Spraying Of Surface Treatment Of Die Castings

Thermal spraying is the use of special equipment to heat the solid material to a molten or semi-molten state and accelerate the spraying onto the surface of the substrate to form a special thin layer to improve the surface properties of the substrate.

1. Heat source

Flame, arc, electric heat source, explosion heat source and laser heat source.

2. Thermal spraying materials

Metal, alloy, ceramic, plastic, nylon, etc.

3. Substrate

Solid materials such as metal, ceramic, glass, gypsum, wood, cloth, paper, etc.

4. Process

Heating and melting, droplet atomization, particle flying, impacting the substrate, cooling and solidifying to form a coating.

5. Advantages of thermal spraying

(1) The substrate temperature is low, no deformation, and no weakening.

(2) The spray size is not limited.

(3) The thickness of the spray can be controlled.

(4) Compared with electroplating, the efficiency is high.

(5) It can impart special surface properties to ordinary materials.

6. There is a problem

(1) Low binding force.

(2) High porosity.

(3) Poor uniformity.

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