The Success Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

Rapid prototyping technology has unique advantages compared with traditional methods, and its characteristics are as follows:

1. Facilitate the integration of the design process and the manufacturing process. The whole production process is digitized and has a direct connection with the CAD model. The parts are WYSIWYG, which can be modified at any time and manufactured at any time, alleviating the CAD/CAM process of complex structural parts. The bottleneck of CAPP.

2. It can process parts materials that are difficult to manufacture by traditional methods, such as gradient material parts and multi-material parts, which is beneficial to the design of new materials.

3. The cycle and cost of manufacturing complex parts blank molds are greatly reduced. When mechanical parts are directly formed from engineering materials, it is no longer necessary to design and manufacture blank forming molds.

4. The near net shape forming of the blank is realized, the machining allowance is greatly reduced, the spreading of the material is avoided, the energy consumption is reduced, and the environmental protection and sustainable development are beneficial.

5. Because the time and cost of process preparation are greatly reduced, the cycle and cost of single-piece trial production and small batch production are greatly reduced, especially for the development of new products and the production of single-piece small-volume parts.

6. Combined with traditional methods, it can realize functions such as rapid forging, rapid mold manufacturing, and production of small batch parts, and inject new vitality into traditional manufacturing methods.

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