The Main Optimization Direction Of Forging Machine System Design

Forging machine tools, as the basic equipment of various manufacturing industries, play an irreplaceable role in the development of society. Lathes are the earliest prototype of machine tools. With the development of electronic technology, machine tools occur in various aspects such as driving mode, control system and structural functions. Significant changes, but inevitably there are some shortcomings, and its system optimization design is a major solution. Forging products have the characteristics of good quality, light weight and low cost. The forging technology is combined with the machine tool industry to obtain forging machinery, which accounts for a larger proportion in machine tools.

The machine structure optimization design can start from the following two aspects: first, shape or topology optimization design of the overall structure of the machine tool; second, size optimization of the key components that constitute the machine structure to improve the performance of the bed.

With the rapid development of CAD/CAE technology, a variety of CAD/CAE software has been widely used in the optimization design of forging machine tools, and further guides the optimization design through systematic analysis and calculation. In order to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the forging machine bed, several machine tool beds with different rib layouts were designed. The finite element analysis was carried out under the CAD/CAE integrated simulation design platform. The best results were obtained according to the analysis results. Machine bed design.

These optimized designs improve the dynamic and static performance of the machine structure, improve vibration resistance and save materials. The research combines the above optimization methods, that is, the optimization process of key components and structures is carried out while the whole mechanical global optimization is carried out, and the objective function including machine tool quality, dynamic and static performance index and stability index is set, and genetic algorithm is introduced to carry out more Target synergy optimization, carry out random search, and finally obtain the optimal solution, that is, the optimal optimal structure, key components and structure of the forging machine tool, the optimal topology and size parameters, to achieve the purpose of reducing the total quality of the machine tool, and improve the machine structure Dynamic and static performance and overall machine stability.

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