The Importance Of Effective Cutting Speed

Since the table feed depends on the speed at a certain cutting speed, if the effective speed is not calculated, the table feed will be calculated incorrectly.

If the tool’s nominal diameter value (Dc) is used in calculating the cutting speed, the effective or actual cutting speed is much lower than the calculated speed when the cutting depth is shallow. Such as round insert CoroMill200 tools (especially in the small diameter range), ball end mills, large nose arc radius end mills and CoroMill390 end mills.

As a result, the calculated feed rate is also much lower, which severely reduces productivity. More importantly, the cutting conditions of the tool are lower than its capabilities and recommended application range.

When performing 3D cutting, the diameter at the time of cutting is varied, which is related to the geometry of the mold. One solution to this problem is to define the steep wall area of the mold and the shallow area of the part. Good compromises and results can be achieved if specialized CAM procedures and cutting parameters are programmed for each zone.

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