The Characteristics Of CNC Special Processing Technology

With the rapid development of digital technology and CNC machine tool technology, different types and different types of CNC machine tools have been introduced into the mold manufacturing industry in large quantities, which solves the processing requirements for space curved surfaces and difficult-to-machine materials in traditional manual mold processing methods. It also expands the range of use of processed materials. In recent years, through the extensive application of numerical control special processing technology, it can be found that it has the following characteristics.

(1) CNC special processing technology can perfectly process all kinds of processing materials with high hardness, soft texture and high melting point, which are not controlled by any external force. At the same time, no manual intervention is required during the processing, and the relevant software can be used to correct and compensate the accuracy in the machining.

(2) When encountering parts that require high-accuracy machining during machining, CNC machine tools can effectively solve the diversity problem by using their better flexibility. Therefore, CNC special processing technology has no restrictions on the strength of the processed materials, and he can even process parts of various materials.

(3) For very small holes or a little slits in the parts, CNC special processing technology can also obtain very accurate values, which are highly accurate processing, and the precise processing characteristics of CNC special processing technology can be effective. Improve production efficiency, and for some parts with complicated parts during processing, the production efficiency is increased more, which can reach ten times or even higher.

(4) Some CNC machine tools can be used in one machine because they have many process replacement devices that can be replaced at any time, which not only saves machine cost, improves efficiency, increases profit, but also saves space on the site to reduce rent. Thermal stress, the remaining thermal stress can be cooled to make it harder, and the size of each part can be almost constant.

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