The Basic Principle Of Blood Coagulation Instrument

In the 1910, Kottman invented the world’s most early blood coagulation apparatus, by measuring the blood coagulation when the viscosity changes to reflect the plasma coagulation time.
In the 1922, kugelmass the plasma coagulation time by measuring the change of transmission light by the turbidity meter.
In the 1950, Schnitger and Gross invented the blood coagulation apparatus based on the current method.
The 60 ‘s, the mechanical method of blood coagulation instrument was developed.
Since the 70 ‘s, due to the development of mechanical and electronic industry, all kinds of automatic blood coagulation instrument has come out successively.
In the 80 ‘s, due to the appearance of color substrate and applied to blood coagulation testing, so that automatic blood coagulation apparatus in addition to the general screening test, can still be coagulation, anticoagulation, fibrin dissolution system single factor detection.
In the late 80, the invention of the magnetic bead method of the double magnetic path brought a new concept to the detection of thrombosis and hemostasis, and due to its unique design principle, some influence factors of optical method detection are no longer exist in this type of detection instrument.
In the 90 ‘s, the development of the automatic blood coagulation instrument immune channel provided a new means for the detection of thrombosis and hemostasis.

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