The Application And Significance Of Machine Tool Electric Numerical Control

The electrical numerical control technology system adopts advanced technology control, which realizes an effective combination of hardware operation and software control of the machine tool, and can greatly reduce errors in the production process. With the rapid development of numerical control technology, it has also been widely used in the electromechanical industry, enabling machine tools to achieve numerical control in production, improving product quality and production efficiency, and some numerical control safety equipment has also improved machine tool production. Security.

Saving capital and improving economy have effectively promoted the rapid development of the machine tool industry. At the same time, the system uses advanced control systems to achieve precise operational control, high machining accuracy and consistent machining quality. The application of electrical numerical control technology has realized that the whole micro-computerized equipment has replaced the original conventional electromagnetic equipment of the machine tool; the introduction of new technology, the use of computer optical fiber or cable instead of the power signal cable, the monitoring of the machine tool operation is essential as electrical numerical control. An important part of.

The precision of the machine tool’s numerical control system is very high. It can choose favorable processing quantity according to the actual processing needs, and the productivity can generally reach 3-6 times of the ordinary machine tool. At present, the common CNC machine tools can be classified into ordinary CNC machine tools, machining center machine tools, and CNC special machining machines according to the process. According to the movement mode, it is divided into point control CNC machine tool, linear control CNC machine tool and contour control CNC machine tool. According to the control mode of the servo system, the CNC machine tools are divided into open loop, closed loop and semi-closed loop control systems. According to the functional level classification of CNC system, it is divided into economical numerical control machine tool, mid-range CNC machine tool and high-grade CNC machine tool.

The high degree of automation of CNC machine tools is achieved by its highly developed electrical control system. If you want to fully analyze the CNC machine tools, you must analyze the electrical control system of the CNC machine tools. The electrical control system of CNC machine tools is mainly composed of three parts: PLC for machine tools, peripheral voltage electrical control system and actuator. The CNC machine tools used in the factory have a piece of information devoted to the relationship between the three. This information is called the machine electrical manual or the electrical manual.

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