The Advantages Of Moldless Casting Technology

Traditional casting technology must first use wood or metal to make a pattern. The process is complicated, the cost is high, the manufacturing cycle is long, the waste discharge is large, and the dimensional accuracy is difficult to guarantee. The new digital moldless casting precision molding technology uses computer technology to make three-dimensional CAD molds, and then the model-driven CNC machine tool performs high-speed cutting on the sand mold, and then assembles the processed sand mold into a mold shape to cast high-quality castings.

The entire casting process does not need to be made into a pattern, which saves wood and metal, simplifies the process and significantly improves the production efficiency, and realizes the flexibility, digitization, precision, rapidization and greening of the casting of complex metal parts. At present, moldless casting technology has been successfully applied to the development of complex metal parts such as gearboxes, crankcases and cylinder heads.

Moldless casting is an intelligent green manufacturing technology. Because it does not make molds, it is a typical energy-saving material-saving process. Although the equipment has a high investment cost at one time, for some large and complex castings, the traditional casting process has a long manufacturing cycle and many consumables. In the long run, the use of moldless casting forming technology can significantly improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.


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