Submerged Arc Welding

Submerged arc welding is a method in which an arc is burned under the flux layer for welding, and electrical and mechanical devices are used to feed and move the arc.

1.Basic principle

The welding arc is burned between the wire and the workpiece, and the arc heat melts the ends of the wire and the base metal and flux near the arc. The molten metal forms a molten pool, and the molten flux becomes a slag. The molten pool is protected by slag and flux vapor and is not in contact with air.

As the arc moves forward, the arc force pushes the liquid metal in the bath toward the back of the bath. During the subsequent cooling process, this portion of the liquid metal solidifies into a weld. The slag solidifies into a slag shell that covers the surface of the weld. In addition to the mechanical protection of the molten pool and the weld metal, the slag also undergoes a metallurgical reaction with the molten metal during the welding process, thereby affecting the chemical composition of the weld metal.

2. Features:

(1) High productivity;

(2) The weld quality is good;

(3) The welding position has limitations;

(4) The welding equipment is complicated and the flexibility is also poor, which is suitable for the welding of long welds.

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