Solution To Deformation Problem Of Planar Injection Parts

It is indeed a difficult problem to completely solve the problem of deformation of large-area injection molded parts. In production, we have summarized some of the more effective measures to improve the problem of deformation:

1. The mold is changed into multi-point water (usually three-plate molds), and large-area injection molded parts with 24 A machines or more are better than 4 points. This can reduce the degree of orientation of the molecules and reduce the inconsistency of the inconsistent gap.

2. Appropriately increase the mold temperature, ABS material is usually kept above 60°C to reduce the cooling rate of injection molded parts, reduce the temperature difference deformation caused by quenching transition, and reduce the degree of molecular alignment.

3.The most important one is to increase the injection pressure or holding pressure, and greatly extend the time for injection or holding pressure, so as to increase the size of injection molded parts and reduce the amount of shrinkage. The degree of deformation will therefore be Significant improvement. Therefore, extending the time for injection or holding pressure (such as extending 10 to 15 seconds) has become a common and important means for us to solve the deformation problem.

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