Solution Techniques To Deformation Problem Of Planar Injection Parts

If you do not achieve the desired results, you can only take the form of a model. Because most people do not use well, they need some skill.

First of all, to advance the injection molded parts, and then take it is still in a state of several tens of degrees of temperature (should still be very hot, this is critical), on the bench with the fixture set, the key is the design needs of the fixture design Suitable. At the same time, the degree of rebound of the injection molded parts must also be taken into account. Normally, springback will stop after 12 hours, and the lower the die temperature, the greater the springback. The so-called “correction” must be overstated. Therefore, the amount of positive pressure must be studied during production.

The last point to emphasize is that you must pay attention to the packaging and placement of injection molded parts. This is indeed very important. Otherwise, all our efforts will be done. Under normal circumstances, injection molded parts can be boxed sideways, of course, according to the shape of the injection molded parts to determine the form of placement. In short, the injection molded parts cannot be squeezed with each other, nor can a part of the injection molded part be left unconnected, or the molded part will begin to deform after a few days.

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