SLS Process Characteristics

The SLS process is characterized by a wide range of materials, not only for the manufacture of plastic parts, but also for the manufacture of ceramic, wax and other materials, in particular for the production of metal parts. This makes the SLS process attractive. The SLS process does not require support because no sintered powder acts as a support.


(1) A variety of materials can be used.

(2) The manufacturing process is relatively simple.

(3) High precision. Depending on the type and particle size of the material used, the geometry and complexity of the product, the process typically achieves a tolerance of ± (0.05 to 2.5) mm over the entire range of the workpiece. When the powder has a particle size of 0.1 mm or less, the prototype accuracy after molding can reach ±1%.

(4) High material utilization rate, low price and low cost.

(5) No support structure is required.

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