Selection Principle Of Die-Casting Mold Materials

In all the molds, the order of the amount of the mold is a plastic mold, a cold stamping mold, a casting mold, a forging mold, and the like. However, due to incorrect material selection, improper process or improper operation, low temperature strength and toughness, poor high temperature wear resistance, low resistance to melt damage, etc., seriously affect the service life of the mold. Therefore, in addition to selecting the correct process and reasonable operation, the selection of die-casting mold materials is also one of the important issues, which is of great significance for improving the product quality and prolonging the service life of the mold.

Therefore, the selection principle of the die-casting material is as follows:

(1) It can meet the requirements of working conditions of die-cast materials.

(2) The size of the mold is determined according to the size of the part to be die-cast, and the production lot is taken into consideration.

(3) For large and medium-sized precision die-casting molds, steel grades with good processing performance, reliable performance and long service life should be selected.

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