Relevance Of Reverse Engineering And Rapid Prototyping

The relationship between reverse engineering and rapid prototyping Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping technology are important components of modern manufacturing technology. When two unit technologies are integrated into one product for rapid development, an optimal integration technology model is obtained.

(1) The integration of reverse engineering and rapid prototyping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology for rapidly developing new products. It is shorter and faster than the forward path of the new concept design input to the flexible manufacturing system. Therefore, it is more responsive to the market, especially for developing countries, which is a very important new product development tool.

(2) A reverse engineering system that perfectly matches the rapid prototyping technology should have the following characteristics.

1) Fast measurement speed and high precision;

2) It is possible to measure the inner and outer contours, preferably without destroying the parts;

3) can convert measurement data into CAD model;

4) It has the function of converting CAD model files into STL files and can directly slice them;

5) It can automatically measure and has low cost.

(3) Industrial CT is a non-destructive measurement method that is an ideal complement to many objects that cannot be used for destructive measurements. It can be expected to eventually replace the layer-cut method and other methods to achieve a non-destructive, high-precision reverse engineering measurement.

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