Reasons For High Price Of Injection Mold

1, injection mold manufacturing takes a long time, in order to achieve high precision, some plastic mold manufacturers have to do a very thin mold, dedicated follow-up efforts to do customer satisfaction, so the need for more time, the investment will increase the amount of money.

2, injection mold manufacturing process more, the purchase of standard parts costs high, complicated procedures need more manpower, in order to ensure the complexity of the quality of the process of the case of plastic mold manufacturers also need to undergo a lot of testing.

3, injection molding mold manufacturing difficult, injection mold design requirements are very high, the main mold flow path design accuracy, such as the previous model flow analysis, if the design work did not do a good job in place, then in the subsequent test mode proofing is not successful, the modification of the mold is very difficult, most of the need to create a new mold.

4, mold manufacturing should be based on the sample, sometimes it looks like a very simple plastic piece, it needs two sets of injection mold, or even three sets of injection mold can be processed, and finally calculate the price of injection mold even to 100,000 yuan, and it is this high contrast, to the customer caused great psychological impact.

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