Rapid Prototyping Technology

The application of rapid prototyping technology has evolved from prototyping to mold making, bringing new vibrancy to traditional mold making technology. At the same time, the successful application of rapid prototyping technology in the field of rapid mold manufacturing will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the further development of rapid prototyping technology.

It is worth noting that:

(1) The cost of the rapid prototyping manufacturing process is still relatively high compared to conventional mechanical manufacturing. Do not hope to replace the traditional mass production method with rapid prototyping. Even if one day the manufacturing cost and time value of rapid prototyping technology is reduced to 1% of the current value, it cannot be compared to the injection molding method anyway.

(2) With the further development of rapid prototyping technology, it is still promising in the field of small batch production and monomer replication.

(3) The rapid prototyping technology contributes to mold manufacturing, although the quality and life of the fast molds produced at this stage are not satisfactory. Practice has proved that it can still be applied to injection molding and die casting in small and medium batches. It is believed that rapid mold manufacturing technology will have a great breakthrough in the short term.

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