Rapid Prototyping Technology In Aerospace Technology

In the aerospace industry, aerodynamic ground simulation experiments (ie, wind tunnel experiments) are an essential part of designing an advanced world-class round-trip system (ie, a space shuttle). The model used in this test is complex in shape, high in precision and streamlined. It adopts RP technology. According to the CAD model, the RP device automatically completes the solid model, which can guarantee the quality of the model.

For the aerospace, aerospace, defense, automotive and other manufacturing industries, the core components of the foundation are mostly asymmetric. Complex metal parts with irregular free-form surfaces or internal fine structures, such as blades, impellers, intake manifolds, engine blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust pipes, oil lines, etc. The mold manufacturing process is very difficult, so RP technology is urgently needed to play a greater advantage in rapid mold making. Using rapid prototyping technology to directly or indirectly manufacture lost foam molds, lost foam molds, casting molds, stencils, molds, cores or shells, and then combines traditional casting processes to quickly manufacture metal parts.

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