Rapid Prototyping Technology For Injection Molding Metal Molds

In this metal light molding method, a single process which is impossible in the original mold processing can be realized, and therefore, it is possible to expect a short lead time and a low-cost metal mold production. In the processing method, the internal structure can be freely formed, and a three-dimensional temperature adjustment circuit can be formed, and high-performance metal mold technology and molding technology innovation such as improvement in injection molding precision and shortening of the molding cycle can be expected.

The Fe-based powder material used in this technique contains alloy steel powder as a main component. The molded product developed by using the mixed powder of Ni powder and Cu-based powder has no microcracks, and the maximum bending strength and hardness are the same as those of the steel material S50C for metal molds generally used. The surface roughness of the sample processed by the cutting is ±0.03 mm and the surface finish is 20 μm R2.

This technology is used to install a water pipe inside the gate bushing, which shortens the cooling time, realizes a high cycle of the injection molding process, and resists the rise of the temperature of the metal mold, thereby avoiding the molding accident and improving the life of the mold.

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