Process Evaluation For Multicolor Injection Molding

Two-color injection molding is a very mature molding process. In the initial stage of mold development, analog analysis can be performed by various CAE software. The analog operation of the model can accurately determine the mold and various parameters of the molding.

1.Material analysis

The analysis of materials is a key issue in the research and development of two-color injection molding. With the increasing market demand, a variety of materials are appearing in the field of two-color injection molding, and reasonable material selection during the development phase has become a very The key link. A more rigorous approach is to use the CAE software for simulation testing of surface compatibility and binding, and data selection.

2. Waterway analysis

In the mold development stage, the waterway is a crucial link, because if the cooling is insufficient or unstable during the two-color injection molding process, it will cause defects in the appearance of the product. Therefore, the distribution of waterways must be carefully reviewed during the development phase.

3. Analysis in areas such as LSR

In LSR and other emerging molding processes in China, we can also analyze some software to determine the possible problems in the molding process, and thus reduce the non-performing rate of the production process.

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