Precision Molding Process

The precision molding process is mainly a process method realized on a precision injection molding machine, mainly adopting multi-stage injection molding and precisely controlling the mold temperature. Multi-stage injection molding refers to the control of process parameters such as different injection speeds and different injection pressures at different positions when the screw advances the melt to the mold during an injection process.

The multi-stage injection control program can reasonably set the multi-stage injection pressure, injection speed, pressure holding pressure and melting mode according to the structure of the flow channel, the form of the gate and the structure of the injection molded part, which is beneficial to improve the plasticizing effect and improve the plasticizing effect. Product quality, reducing non-performing rates and extending mold/machine life. Multi-stage injection molding will be based on the structure of the product, the location of the defect and the screw size of the injection molding machine, as well as many on-site techniques.

Precision plastic parts have replaced high-precision metals in the fields of machinery, electronics, instruments, communications, automotive and aerospace, because they meet the requirements of high precision and have good mechanical, mechanical and dimensional stability. Parts have been widely used, only the material selection, mold design and processing, injection molding process, molding personnel’s technical level and precision injection molding machine, the five factors are indispensable, in order to successfully achieve precision injection molding.

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