Precision Injection Molding Machine Replaces Conventional Injection Molding Machine

The precision injection molding machine is an injection machine with closed-loop control of injection molding. Usually, the injection pressure and injection speed of the injection molding machine are controlled by closed loop. The so-called closed-loop control is also called feedback control. It refers to detecting the output signal of the control system through the detecting component in the control system, and transmitting the detection signal to the controller, and the controller performs arithmetic processing on the detection signal. Therefore, the output signal is consistent with the output signal required by the system, so that the output signal is closer to the expected value, and the system output deviation is the smallest.

In short, closed-loop control is an automatic adjustment control that is closer to the desired value. The injection molding machine adopts the injection closed-loop control, which greatly improves the repeatability and stability of the injection molding, reduces the dimensional fluctuation of the workpiece, and improves the dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability of the workpiece. For injection molding machines to achieve closed-loop control, for hydraulic injection molding machines, servo valves must be used to achieve closed-loop control of hydraulic system pressure and flow. In addition to servo valves, the ultra-precision injection molding machine also uses servo control boards, servo control boards and computer control systems to further improve the repeatability of hydraulic system output pressure and flow, and achieve ultra-precision injection molding.

Compared with hydraulic injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines have great advantages in achieving full-closed injection control. The computer motion controller of the all-electric injection molding machine controls and drives the servo motor, and then logically operates the signal fed back by the sensor through the logic controller to realize the injection molding, plasticizing, opening and closing, and thimble action. Full-closed control, position control can reach 0.01mm, the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece is higher, and the stability and repeatability of the machine are much higher.

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