Plating PC / ABS Process Flow

To form good adhesion between the metal coating and the plastic base material, the most important step is to soak in an etching solution, which is usually a mixture of chromic acid and sulfuric acid.

The electroplating process of electroplating PC/ABS is as follows:

(1) Inspection of plastic parts, stress relief, hanging, degreasing, cleaning, hydrophilic, cleaning;

(2) roughening, recycling, cleaning, neutralization, cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning;

(3) pickling, pre-sensitization, sensitization/activation, cleaning, acceleration, cleaning;

(4) chemical nickel, cleaning, pre-plating copper, cleaning, activation, cleaning, acid copper, cleaning;

(5) activation, semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, cleaning, electrolytic activation, chrome plating;

(6) Recycling, reduction, cleaning, drying, and de-plating of the hanger.

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