Plastic Mold Material Selection

1. Working conditions of plastic mold

Due to the development of plastics and plastic molding industry, the quality requirements of plastic molds are getting higher and higher, so the failure of plastic molds and its influencing factors have become important research topics. The main working parts of the plastic mold are molded parts, such as punches and dies, which form the cavity of the plastic mold to form various surfaces of the plastic parts and directly contact the plastic to withstand pressure, temperature, friction and corrosion. effect.

2. Analysis of failure causes of plastic mold materials

General mold manufacturing includes mold design, material selection, heat treatment, machining, commissioning and installation. According to the survey, the materials used in the mold and the heat treatment are the main factors affecting the service life. From the perspective of total quality management, the factors affecting the service life of the mold cannot be measured as the sum of polynomials, but should be the product of multiple factors. In this way, the quality of the mold material and heat treatment is particularly important throughout the mold manufacturing process.

From the analysis of the general phenomenon of mold failure, plastic mold can produce wear failure, local deformation failure and fracture failure during service. The important failure modes of plastic molds can be divided into wear failure, local plastic deformation failure and fracture failure.

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