Performance Requirements For Aluminum Extrusion Dies

1. Hardness and red hardness (thermal stability)

Hardness is an important indicator of the mold. The mold does not change rapidly in shape and size under the stress of the work. Red hardness means that the mold works under heat or high temperature, can maintain the stability of tissue and performance, and has the ability to resist softening.

2. Abrasion resistance

The mold is subjected to considerable compressive stress and friction during work, and the mold is required to maintain its shape and size and durability.

3. Strength and toughness

The mold is subjected to loads and complex stresses such as impact and vibration during work. The mold is required to have a sufficiently high strength and a certain toughness. The strength is too high, the mold is easy to crack; the strength is too low, and the mold is easy to collapse. Therefore, there is a need for an optimum fit between strength and toughness that would otherwise cause early failure of the mold.

4. Other performance requirements

Also consider the high temperature strength, thermal fatigue and thermal conductivity of the mold.

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