Optimize The Rapid Response Design Process Of Forging Machine Tools

The concepts of rapid response design include digital design, networked collaborative design, modular design, and intelligent design. It is now more widely used to apply technical measures that combine modular design, variant design and engineering involving basic knowledge.

The modular design in a broad sense is proposed for large-scale machines with unclear structure classification. The purpose is to analyze the application functions of these machines, divide the structure of the product into a series of functional modules, and then build variable technology. Optimized parameterized structure generalized module, archive these modules, in the future, you can select different types of generalized modules according to different needs of users, and input the parameters required by users to locate products of specific structure, thus ensuring design speed and design quality. It can also achieve the effect of reducing costs. The concept of generalized modular design provides a design basis and basis for the modular design of some large mechanical products.

The fast response design optimization technology is of great significance for optimizing the forging machine technology, and proposes a new method for the optimization of the forging machine system, which improves the production efficiency and brings more economic benefits.

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