New Mode Test Steps And Actions

1. Before testing the mold, first check whether the mold is assembled and whether the raw materials are dried.

2. Before the mold change, the mold spray rust inhibitor in the production is to be placed in the mold, replace the mold and return to the position and fill in the record sheet.

3. When the upper mold is used, it should be aligned with the center point of the mold, and then the mold work should be carried out. The mold must be locked and checked whether the high-pressure mold clamping is effective. The clamping force is determined according to the size of the mold. The high pressure required by the large mold is 80~90PMa; The small mold requires a high pressure of 40~65PMa; after the high voltage is adjusted, the switch mode is adjusted to the normal speed, and the low pressure time, distance and pressure are performed. Speed adjustment work, low-pressure work is very important in normal production, the cause of mold damage is the incomplete mold caused by low-pressure work.

4. To remove the material pipe work, the other color materials and impurities in the material pipe should be removed to reduce the injection pressure. Holding pressure and injection time. The pressure keeping time is reduced to 50PMa; according to the product condition, the pressure is adjusted to the required pressure, and the low pressure forming condition sample and the medium pressure forming condition sample are compared with the high pressure forming condition sample, and the flow path mode is analyzed.

5. Try the mold manually before the test, and confirm whether the demoulding action is smooth and returning. In the case of the test injection operation, the release agent is sprayed to the master mold, and the position of the mold release mode is adjusted after the molding.

6. Each time the number of test modules is based on the management notice, the mold department must be notified to confirm the test mode before each test; after the product is tested, the customer will review it. After the review is completed, fill out the molding condition record form and the mold condition table.

7. When the test mold is completed, the mold is sprayed with rust inhibitor and the mold is moved to the mold part for modification.

8. Each test mode must be tested in accordance with the above items, accurate test time and superior test personnel, no test mode without permission.

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